I have been grateful enough to come across and form relationships with some pretty dang amazing human beings. Not to mention the opportunity to be a part of the amazing art collective that is THE BROKEN FINGERS CLUB. (Zines on sale in the shop!)


 Here's a list of just a few.  

*Thanks to all of you for constantly inspiring me and allowing me to be a part of your lives.

  • CRISTAL MARTINEZ- Designer/The Most Amazing Best Friend: 


  • BROCK CARON- B.F.C Founder/Illustrator:          


  • RYAN SMITH- B.F.C/Photographer:





  • HOLLY ADLER- Mentor/ World Changer:


  • DANIEL MCNEIL- Sound Engineer:


  • JOHN TENNISON- Painter :


  • THE BOYS OF GRAPE STREET-  Musicians/Saviors


  • THE SILENT COMENDY- Musicians/The Sweetest Souls you will ever meet


  • CHARLES BEN RUSSELL-painter, illustrator 


  • DORA MADISON BURGE- Actress/Director/Queen of it all